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Introducing Tracey Cain

My name is Tracey Cain and I am a graduate of Animal Behavior College where I earned my certification as an ABC Certified Dog Trainer. Animal Behavior College (ABC) is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education and is an internationally recognized school.   My year long commitment to this program has provided me with a formal education in canine obedience training and understanding behavior and its motives. My certification, education and experience provide me the skills required to effectively and humanely train your dog while keeping alive the spark that makes your dog so special to you.

        Call or text me at 901-468-6774, or email at for more information!    
 December Boot Camp!  
The Pet Hospitals Collierville, TN 
18 S. Byhalia Rd 
Monday, December 12 - Friday, December 16, 2022 
Young Dogs
Five Days of intense training and socialization. Positive force-free training! No e-collars or prong collars used. Drop off and pick up, $800 (overnight boarding available for additional charge). Please call or text for information or to sign up. Space is AVAILBABLE
Filling classes now. Space is limited. Call/text me at 901-468-6774 or email me at to reserve your spot.
 All shot records (parvovirus, distemper, bordetella, rabies, and canine influenza (aka dog flu) are required. There are no refunds for training. Thank you for your interest!
Tracey Cain

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